Pretty Produce
  I have been doing some gardening lately. Getting my hands dirty if you will. Spring has sprung and all that. Through my gardening endeavors I have begun to really appreciate produce. I mean, I appreciated it before, when I cooked with various vegetables and made them yummy. Yet, veggies in their pure form are gorgeous. So I started combing the produce section of Central Market for interesting examples of common veggies that I could take into the studio and do some tests with. These are a few edits of the things I've photographed thus far. ButtonCarrots RedCarrot Beet Leek WhiteCorn          
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Amazing Prints For Nerdy TV Enthusiasts
I've been following digital artist Adam Spizak's work for a little while now. It doesn't really take a super sleuth to figure out why. It's how awesomely nerdy his influences are. From Game of Thrones to Breaking Bad, Spizak's work runs the gamut of nerdy fan art. What's even more amazing is how good it is. This series, titled T.V. Shows, is a collection of images Spizak produced based on his favorite T.V. shows. I must say, the man has impeccable taste. An brief explanation of the work from the artist:     [quote style="boxed"]Why TV Shows? The project started few months ago as fan art and slowly grow bigger and bigger to finally end up as series. First round of five of my fav tv shows and also - first round of prints! I've tried to approach the project as both fan and also what i would think was important from the show's perspetive - the essence. The Essence for me was closely related to music in these shows, a connection become the core of each idea.[/quote]
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Found Some Old Negatives
I was going through some of my old photography stuff from college and I came across several binders full of my old 4x5 negatives. It was crazy thinking back on a time when all I shot was 4x5 sheet film. I miss those days. Actually starting do work professionally in a time when digital was really making it's push was a interesting time. I remember when I bought my first DSLR, a Canon 20D, and it costing me about 3k. That was for an 8.3 megapixel camera. Now, most consumer point and shoots put that to shame. I think one of the things I miss most about shooting my 4x5 is the zen mindset you go into when you're setting up and composing. Your breathing slows and your mind goes into a state where all you are thinking about is the image. It's crazy. When you shoot a bunch of 4x5, or any camera that lacks a mirror, you start seeing the world from an inverted perspective. It's super unique and allows you to kind of separate yourself from the world for a brief period of time. It's magic. This is a shot I took while killing time at a T.I.P.P.A. photography competition in Dallas. BuildingSmile     This is a shot I took on the 4th of July at my Aunt and Uncle's lake house. My uncles makes his own fireworks! Castalure4th This is from my final 4x5 project where I documented the interiors of parking garages. People look at you a special way when you're wandering around in dark parking garages with a 4x5. TheLight       Finally, here's another from the same series. I was playing around with double exposures at the time. I was getting all artsy for sure. Abstraction
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Ryukin Goldfish

History states that the ryukin goldfish originated in the 1770's in the Ryukin island chain off of Japan. It's a really pretty goldfish and has a pretty great personality, for a fish. I had had these images in my mind for a while so when my guppy Milli (Vanilli died a month ago) died during a freak tank cleaning accident, I decided it was time to pull the trigger. I found this guy at a local pet store and photographed him (or her) just before I moved him to his new tank. I may pull him again and shoot some more images but for now I'm pretty pleased. I'm also going to use some of the shots in a digital piece that I'm making as well. Stay tuned. Please contact me via my contact page if you're interested in a print!

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A Drive To Shreveport
The week before last I went on an epic journey to Louisiana and back to pick up a prop for a shoot. To squeeze the trip into one day I had to head out pretty early in the morning. The temp was falling pretty rapidly and the fog started to kick up. It was so stunning driving through it as the sun was rising; i stopped in several places to shoot and here is one I took just past the airport on 290 E.    
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Some would say that zombies have become fairly hip in today's world. With various remakes and original zombie movies being made, video games based on zombie apocalyptic scenarios, and the television adaptation of The Walking Dead graphic novels; zombies are not going away. Needless to say, in a few weeks we all could be up to out eyeballs in zombies if the Mayans are correct. What better way to spread the word of our impending doom then to produce an image of a zombie attack using wooden mannequins? Well, there aren't any. So, keep an eye out for shambling figures in the coming days as well as additions to this series. I'm doing this for yall!        
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Old School
One of my good buddies saves all his old gaming systems. I stumbled into his closet and found his old NES, SNES, N64, Dreamcast, SES, SGES, as well as a few others. It made me happy to think back on all the old games that I received as birthday presents, games I saved my allowance for months for. Things have come so far in the world of gaming, it can be easy to overlook the origin of the games we enjoy today. That's why I shot this. Super simple and graphic, but everyone knows what it is. The ol' NES controller. One of the grandfathers of gaming. Enjoy.  
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Paul Desmond Tribute
Wow, the past few weeks have been pretty insane for me here at Sean Johnson Studio. I've just moved and am in the process of constructing a live/shoot space while keeping up with commissioned work. Then ACL hits. BOOM! Free time = gone. I've been working on this piece for a little while and it is the first in a series so I really wanted to take my time with it and explore a little bit. Paul Desmond is one of my favorite jazz musicians of all time and as a fellow alto sax man, I really respect his style and smoothness. He continues to be an inspiration to me as well as many other jazz enthusiasts. I'm pretty excited about starting on the remaining images in this series, so stay tuned.  
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Two Birds. One Stone.
I recently just finished up an image that I was commissioned to shoot by Tribeza Magazine. The image is for their "Object of Our Affection" page and dealt with pens and pencils used by Laura  and Jose  over at Minguell-McQuary. They do some really incredible design/architecture work around these parts. I shot several options of their favorite and most used mechanical pencils and also was inspired to create this piece from one of the extra shots. It's a little different than my usual stuff, but I like it.    
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